Event: Fun Run in Upper Marlboro – May 14th!

DC Running Club’s John Brathwaite is bringing something unique to Upper Marlboro on May 14th – the Spring Break: 1 Piece 1 Mile Fun Run!


It will be a #1 day all around: Wearing your best 1 Piece beach outfit, you’ll run approximately 1 mile around the Town of Upper Marlboro’s scenic Schoolhouse Pond…the 1st such event in the town!

The Fun Run is to help raise funds for Support Our Troops – a non-political, non-partisan organization that helps communities and businesses serve those that serve our country so well.

Want to join? There are some really nice prizes in store for those who raise the most funds!

If you can’t join, donate! Also, come out to cheer on the runners! The race begins at 10:30am and ends with food & drink specials available at Olde Towne Inn until 4pm.

What inspired Mr. Brathwaite to create this run? He shares the following story:

My senior year in high school, I had a group of close friends that I hung out with. Some of my friends decided to go on to college, others decided to seek employment and there were a few that decided to go into the military. I had the most respect for my buddies that decided to leave home, go abroad and serve our country so that we could enjoy the freedom we all have today.

As I got older and began traveling 90% of the time for work, I would run into soldiers coming from active duty and leaving for active duty in the airport. I wanted to show my appreciation for them so I began by buying several Starbucks gift cards and as I ran into a soldier in the airport or on my plane I would give them a card and say thank you for all that you do. It wasn’t much but it was all I could do at the time. I also noticed that a lot of soldiers were listening to MP3 players back then so I purchased cards for them to download music for free and gave those out as well.

After five years of doing that, I was laid off from my job but wanted to continue helping others especially the brave men and women that fight for our freedom; so I contacted SUPPORTOURTROOPS.ORG and pitched my idea. They loved the concept of a Fun Run in everyone’s “Best Beach Outfit” and getting all that register to help fundraise for our Troops; so we began planning this fun inaugural event.

Our hopes are that this event will grow each year through participation, media coverage and raise lots of money for those that protect us each day…..our Troops.

Hope to see all you Upper Marlboro folks there!